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In this series, Magister Craft has rewritten the WHOLE Aeneid in Novice-mid, comprehensible Latin. Now students no longer need to wait until AP Latin to enjoy the story of Aeneas, most will be ready to go on this epic journey by the end of their first year of Latin.

The recordings range from 3-6 minutes and cover all the major events of Vergil's Epic poem in easy prose containing varied but simple vocabulary, syntax, and grammatical constructions. 

To help bring the story to life, there is also a video version of each audio recording available on YouTube and on the same page as the audio. The images used in these videos are of ancient frescoes, sculptures, vases, paintings, coins, and more. All images used are in the public domain. For questions about the images or videos please contact me. 

Transcripts are available for each video as well as an audio only recording.

Because these recordings are for learning purposes, any errors found with them should be reported to Magister Craft here                   . All transcripts are currently protected by Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).


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