Learn Latin and about Roman culture with videos, audio, Minecraft and more!

Magister Craft has written a new novella for the intermediate - advanced level!


Magister Craft creates compelling videos using Minecraft in which you learn about Roman architecture, culture, history and mythology all while improving your LATIN! All videos have the option of no subtitles, subtitles in Latin or subtitles in English--something for EVERYONE!

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Transcripts are here! Now teachers and students can click the Transcripts button under Showreel or below, find the video(s) they are interested in and read/copy the transcript! Click below to find the transcript to your favorite video(s)!

What to Expect


Magister Craft has published his first of a series of audio recordings accompanied by a series of paintings, frescoes and sculpture. The recordings are being published on his YouTube channel as usual      , and are now available on this website as a downloadable audio file for you to take anywhere. Teachers, there is also a full transcript!

The recordings are short, ranging from 2-5 minutes. The level of the recordings is novice-mid and were all pre-tested this past Spring with his Latin I class. BTW--They were a success!

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