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Templvm Romanvm

Based on principles of Comprehensible Input (CI) and Extensive Reading, Templum Romanum is a modified, Latin translation of the book Roman Temple: A Story of its Origins and Construction by Jessie Craft. Besides being in Latin, more story elements were added allowing for conversational Latin, and many of the technical terms and explanations were removed to allow the story to flow in a simpler Latin, which is suited for Latin II or higher. 

Student's Text

More than just a Latin translation of Roman Temple: A Story of its Origins and Construction, Templum Romanum delves deeper into the story of a young Vitruvius who was a Roman architect during the Age of Augustus and who wanted nothing more than to build temples. Journey to places near and far alongside Vitruvius, who, with the support of his loving father, works to overcome obstacles and seeks to learn ancient temple architecture in the hopes of one day building his own Roman temple. This is a Latin II reader which focuses on Roman temple architecture. Although it was written for students in their 2nd year of Latin, it was successfully test read by students in years 2, 3, 4, and 5. Additionally, it was designed so that it would open the door for teachers to go into greater detail through in-class discussions with their students about Roman religion, temple architecture, and parents supporting their children’s education.

Teacher's Manual
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This Teacher's Manual for the text 'Templum Romanum' includes many things. There are quizzes at the end of most chapters and temple floor plan quizzes for the Etruscan and Greek temples. There is also a link to a video quiz which is available only to those who purchased this manual. There are maps and links to maps to orient teachers and students. Included are links to videos about some of the various architectural elements such as temples, curias, aqueducts, etc. Teachers will find contextual and grammatical information for every page including topics and suggestions for discussion. There are full color copies of the entire text of 'Templum Romanum'. Finally, there is even an End of Book summative assessment.

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