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Welcome BACK to the first ever Latin language multiplayer 1:1 scale 3D digital model of the Roman Forum in the Age of Augustus.

For nearly two years, you helped me realize a dream of mine. The server was a great success, with hundreds of participants who regularly logged in and played either with their class or on their own. After that time, costs grew to be prohibitive, as often happens. So I needed to close the server. In the meantime, the mods I was using started updating and made returning to this server unlikely. Since I know many of you still want to visit my work, I have decided to offer you my server map. There are two versions available.

1. Map WITHOUT NPCs--This map is just the architecture and comes at no cost. This would be great for any  one who might like to visit the buildings and experience the layout. This could also be great for anyone who would like to make changes / improvements to the architecture and layout. Please be advised that all of the statues are missing since they were NPCs. You can replace these if you like by downloading and installing the Minecraft Java mod Custom NPCs


Now go to REQUIREMENTS below

2. Map WITH NPCs--This is the actual map I used on the server. I have cleaned it up as best as I could, and I have cleared all player data. On this version, you will have all the quests, Latin dialogue, NPCs and typical functionality as was present on the server. This map and all the additional teaching materials are being offered to existing and new PATRONS only. If you would like a copy of this map and all the teaching materials (SEE BELOW), head over to Patreon to make your pledge and receive your code for the map and materials. You will receive the map "as is". If you find bugs or typos, I apologize in advance, as I will not have the time to assist, but YOU will have the tools to make any corrections / additions you wish. You will even be able to add your own quests!


Now go to REQUIREMENTS below


You need to own a copy of Minecraft Java Edition AND to install the necessary mods

Teaching materials 

  • a top-down map of the Forum showing the names of all the major buildings and monuments--this is super handy in case students get lost when first entering

  • a top-down map of the Forum showing the locations of all the quests and the names of the quest givers--I have distinguished between the Day Only, Night Only and Day & Night quests for your lesson planning convenience

  • a convenient checklist that you and your students can use to keep track of quest completion and monument visits

  • the entire Latin script (c. 19 pgs.) of every quest and notable dialogue in the server so that you can preteach vocab to your students thus rendering their time in the server more enjoyable and more productive

  • a private Discord voice channel for your and your students alone where you can all join together to talk with one another as you work through the server and screen-share to show off new achievements or troubleshoot 


I do not want financial difficulties to be the thing which prevents you from gaining access to materials which could help you better teach your students. So, if you find yourself in tough times financially and cannot afford to become a Patron, then send an email to where I can assist you accordingly.

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