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ETRUSCI - The Etruscans

In this video series, I present you with Rome's predecessors: the Etruscans. While relatively little is known about the Etruscans when compared to a culture like that of the Romans, still enough is known about them to permit us a glimpse into their daily lives. To create this video series required a great deal of research in books, articles, papers, videos, images, some Etruscan texts and extant remains of towns and tombs.

In this video series we take a closer look at what life might have been like for an average Etruscan. To help me tell this story, I have brought to life the famous couple, Arnth Velcha and Velia Spurinna, depicted in the Tomb of Orcus found in Tarquinia, Italy. I have taken some liberties in giving this couple a backstory in order to recreate scenes from ancient Etruria. I hope you find these videos useful in providing your students with more context for their Latin/Roman studies.

Teaching Materials

To help you teach your students about the Etruscans, I have also made for you a series of activities to do before and after watching each video.

Download the PDF here!


Vicus / The Village


Feminae / Women


Urbs / The City


Death and Afterlife / Mors et Orcus

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