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Roman Temple

Few things have had such a great cultural and architectural influence on Western society as the architecture of Roman temples. Where did the Romans find their inspiration? What did these temples really look like? Beautifully illustrated with Minecraft, “Roman Temple: A Story of its Origins and Construction” by Jessie Craft tells the story of the evolution of Roman temple architecture through the eyes of a young Vitruvius (a Roman architect during the Age of Augustus). Readers journey alongside Vitruvius to places near and far to find the answers to questions about inspiration and appearance. On this journey, they will witness the construction of some of the most well-known temples in antiquity: from the creation of mud bricks, quarrying of stone, and polishing of marble to the raising of huge stone pediments, and the decoration of the temple’s interior and exterior. “Roman Temple” is a concise and succinct account of Roman temple architecture presented in a simple, straightforward and accessible language.

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