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Philemon et Baucis

One of the greatest love stories of Roman mythology, Baucis and Philemon remind us of the real meanings of love, commitment and hospitality.

Below you will find a customizable Word Doc and PDF for free download. Contained in these documents is a step-by-step set of instructions that students and independent learners can use along with the story to help them acquire Latin through story telling. 

In short, students will first be asked to respond in English to a prompt regarding the general theme of the story. Then they will be asked to read on their own before attempting some basic comprehension activities. Afterwards they will be directed to Legonium's website where they can see the story beautifully illustrated in Legos to aid in comprehension. Finally, they will be directed towards the Magister Craft video where there are given specific viewing instructions designed to increase comprehension on various levels. There is even a section with instructions for anyone working on speaking fluency.

Download Texts, Exercises and Instructions Here

Legonium's Version

Magister Craft's


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