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Download the map Magister Craft used in the production of this video to play by yourself or with your students!

Instructions and Download:

I have made an adventure map in Minecraft for learning Latin! If you have any experience with Minecraft Adventure maps, you will find mine not nearly as elaborate as theirs since I have the additional focus of language teaching, but it does have all the usual characteristics as you might expect in an Adventure map: storyline, good guys and bad guys, clues, mystery, revenge, fighting, and more importantly there is Latin!  I have included a link to the map pack in this message. 

This will only work if you already have Minecraft (Java Edition) or if you purchase a copy before trying to play. This map will not work without Minecraft credentials. If you already have those credentials or plan to get them, continue reading.

**Before proceeding, I have a gaming computer. I am not sure how well this will run on a regular laptop/computer since I do not have one. If it works/doesn't on a regular laptop/computer, please let me know!  

1. Download the file Conquest Reforged and Custom NPCs

2. You must unzip it this .rar file. You can do so on your desktop.

3. From that folder, you will need to open the CRLauncher-4.3.8.exe (Sorry Mac users. I am working on a Mac version of this and plan to have it ready when I release this publicly.)

4. This will ask you to launch. Do so. Then input your Minecraft credentials. (Microsoft credentials have proven to be problematic. You may need to install the program MultiMC first.) *This process will take a moment to download the usual Minecraft files.

5.  When the program is running, click Single Player.

6. The map erroneously entitled Again (It should just say Whodunit and I not sure why I can't change that) is the map you will play. Click it and start the map.

7. From there, you will see a series of instructions in English to begin. Then you will meet me, in game! I will speak to you in Latin setting the tone for the rest of the game. Have a Latin dictionary handy (I like ) and be ready to work for this one!   When you are done playing or if you have issues getting started, please send your feedback to   

Also, the second point of this map was so that teachers could take students on a virtual tour of a Roman house! Just be sure to get rid of the bodies and the baddies ;)

Have fun and valete!

-Magister Craft

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