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Odyssea Magistri Craft

Odyssea Magistri Craft is the first-ever animated mini-series whose languages are Latin and Ancient Greek. This mini-series is composed of five episodes, totaling over fifty minutes of intermediate level Latin and Ancient Greek. Odyssea Magistri Craft (OMC) tells the story of Magister Craft's journey to find what it will take for him to become a proper teacher, the kind his students need and deserve. This is a story about setting goals and doing everything necessary to achieve our goals. It is also a story about friendship and duty. Magister Craft will not be able to achieve this goal on his own, as is true for so many of us; rather, he will need help from his friends (old and new) and the gods. 

Available for purchase is the full script of this series which includes exercises for each chapter giving students the opportunities to facilitate language acquisition and to demonstrate comprehension and proficiency. In the back of the book are full Latin and Greek dictionaries which define every word as it appears in the story. The text may be purchased here.

This video series features the following Latinists and Hellenists without whose kind and generous participation and contributions this endeavor would never have been realized:

Alexander Veronensis

Andrew Morehouse

Annica Ahlstrom

Aprilis Albuquerquensis

Magister Circulus

Marcus Octavius Corvus

Daniel Pettersson

Irene Regini

Jonathan Zarecki

Luke Amadeus Ranieri

Silvia Tiboni-Craft

Vukasin Miljkovic

Special thanks to:

Amanda Craft, Stewart McCauley and Wesley "Just Wes" Craft



This book includes the full script along with stage directions for the first-ever animated miniseries in Latin and Ancient Greek called Odyssea Magistri Craft. The book is divided into five chapters corresponding to the miniseries’ five episodes. After each chapter/video there are activities which gauge comprehension, give students practice with forms and invite students and teachers together to explore more deeply various aspects of the ancient world—religion, history, legend, constellations, myth, piracy, sailing, sacrificing, and much more. After the script and activities are full Latin and Greek glossaries which define every unique word as it appears in the text enabling students to establish meaning quickly and return to their reading.


Reading Level: Intermediate Low +

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