Student Achievement

Class Time

Students learning in 3D virtual environment through hands-on manipulation of ancient Roman material culture and Latin language.



Student project was to rebuild polychrome version of Augustus' Prima Porta. It was accompanied by research paper describing the statue and its political context.


After much research, this student recreated Temple of Venus and Roma on a 1:1 scale. His efforts won him second place at the NCJCL State Convention. Below is a video tour led by the student of his build.

The second video shows this student's recreation at a 1:1 scale of the Forum of Trajan. Check out the amazing work and research this student put into this build!

Another student recreated at a 1:1 scale the Temple of Peace--third video. Check out this student's research and effort--he even included the Severan Marble Plan!

3D Printing

For this student project students will research and build in groups of three. They are to divide the work among the three of them as equally as possible. The difference? The stakes are much higher than a mere project grade--pride is at stake here. After students finish building, I line all builds up so we can compare them side-by-side.

These are the Roman houses one class of Latin 1 students built now lined up beside each other.

Students are then given a live, virtual tour of each house and a rubric with which they are to grade each house. Once grading is done, students vote for their top three picks. The house with the most votes is selected for 3D printing--a small plastic 3D model of their house is given to each student in the winning group.