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Melissurgus is a loving and easy-going beekeeper who enjoys working in the fields and spending time with his wife.  However, he must soon learn to live again after tragedy strikes destroying all that he once knew. Compelled by deep sadness and desperation, Melissurgus quickly finds himself on a dark path which seems to be replete with love and loss. Will he find his way back to his former loving and peaceful self, or will he be locked in this downward spiral of misplaced hate?


The style of this book is historical fiction. While the character of Melissurgus is entirely fictional, I have placed him in a very real historical context thus allowing teachers to go deeper into the historical and cultural aspects they encounter. This story is an excellent supplement to classes getting ready to or currently working through the works and times of the late Roman Republic.

With 750 unique words composed in Classical Latin, this text works well in a Latin III or higher setting, with the teacher facilitating readings and providing historical, grammatical and vocabulary help.

Reading Level: Intermediate High - Advanced Low

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