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Mods and Installation Guide

Installation Guide

*PC/WINDOWS users, these are the instructions and downloads for you. MAC users go here.

For any of this to work, you MUST have MINECRAFT: JAVA EDITION. This will NOT work on Chromebooks, Tablets, or Phones.


If you already own Minecraft but need the Java Edition download it from

Download the folder MODS AND RESOURCEPACK above. ^

Open the folder MODS AND RESOURCEPACK. Inside are TWO folders: mods and resourcepacks.


If this is your first time installing Minecraft, be sure to start it at least one time. It doesn't matter what version. It just needs to download some necessary folders. Once you have entered the Minecraft world successfully, you may exit Minecraft completely. 

Install FORGE. Go to


Look under Download Recommended and click the installer.


Once you have run the installer, click Install Client.


When that is done you may move on to the next steps. 


On your computer navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft  (be sure to use your actual username in place of USERNAME)

From the folder you downloaded from me, you will drag the folder mods and put it into the location found at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft. **If you already have a mods folder, then open it and open my mods folder and drag and drop those contents into your mods folder.

Under C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft you may find a folder called resourcepacks. Open it and then open the folder resourcepacks downloaded from me, and drag and drop that file into your folder. **If you do not have a resourcepacks folder, then drag and drop my entire resourcepacks folder into your C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft.

Back under C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft you will find a folder called saves. Open it and then locate the .rar file you downloaded from me (either RomanForum_MagCraft_NPCs OR RomanForum_MagCraft_NoNPCs). Now drag and drop that file into your saves folder.

Open your Minecraft launcher. You should see forge 1.12.2 in the bottom left corner.

Click INSTALLATIONS at the top of that window.

Under the forge 1.12.2 installation, click on the three dots […] at the far right. 

A small window will open. Click on EDIT.


In the window that then opens, click on MORE OPTIONS at the bottom.


At the bottom in the Java Arguments box you will see -Xmx2G.


You MUST change the 2G to 6G. The 2 is the ONLY thing you change. So it once said -Xmx2G and now says -Xmx6G.

Click SAVE.


Now click PLAY to return to the front of the launcher or to launch the game directly from here.

It will take a moment to load all the mods.

Once loaded, click on OPTIONS.


Click the arrow in the middle of the image for the zip file CONQUEST REFORGED. The file will move from the column on the left to the column on the right.

Click DONE. It will take a few seconds to load. You will see the font change. It has loaded successfully.

Click DONE.


Click on MUSIC & SOUNDS.

Turn off the MUSIC. It will interfere with the music and sounds on the server.


Click DONE again.

Click Singleplayer.

Locate the save called RomanForum_MagCraft_NPCs or RomanForum_MagCraft_NoNPCs.

Doubleclick it to enter. It will take a few seconds to load everything.


Mr. Craft speaks English and Magister Craft speaks Latin. Speak with them and Augustus just behind them to get your food and money tickets. You need to eat to stay alive! 

To leave me feedback and places for you and your students to voice chat, join me on Discord.

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