Mods and Installation Guide

Installation Guide

*PC/WINDOWS users, these are the instructions and downloads for you. MAC users go here.

**To see these instructions accompanied by photos, download this PDF. >

For any of this to work, you MUST have MINECRAFT: JAVA EDITION.


If you already own Minecraft but need the Java Edition download it from

Download the folder LAUNCHER AND MODS above. ^

Open the folder LAUNCHER AND MODS. Inside are FOUR items: 3 mods and 1 APPLICATION

First, doubleclick Conquest Reforged Launcher setup. Follow the steps that follow.

*Your antivirus system may try to block this. The program is safe so click the necessary buttons to grant permission to the program to complete the install process.

The install was successful. Now to enter your Minecraft credentials.

Insert your MC credentials on this screen.

Once logged in, look at the bottom to make sure CR 1.12.2 is selected.

If you see 1.15.2, click on it to open the following screen where you can change to 1.12.2. Click select and move to the next step.


Click on Settings


On the left of the screen click on Mods and scroll to the bottom of that screen.

Click on Add Mods

It will open an empty folder (on the left). From the folder (on the right) you downloaded from me, you will drag the 3 mods (ChickenChunks, CodeChickenLib, and Custom NPCs) and put them into the empty folder on the left.

Now press F5 and you will see the mods appear with green tabs to the right. If they are there and green click Done.

Click Play

It will start downloading files.

Then a new screen will appear and it will start installing the files it just downloaded.

When that is done click Multiplayer.

Click Add Server

     Server Name: Forum Romanum

     Server Address:


Click Done


Doubleclick the server icon or click Join Server at the bottom.


Mr. Craft speaks English and Magister Craft speaks Latin. Speak with them and Augustus just behind them to get your food and money tickets. You need to eat to stay alive! 

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