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Welcome to the first ever Latin language multiplayer 1:1 scale 3D digital model of the Roman Forum in the Age of Augustus. Phew, trying saying that twice!

After many years of hard work and your continued support, I bring to you something many have been requesting for a long time--an open server of one of my creations. 

What is an open server? I have taken my Minecraft model of the Roman Forum and have uploaded it into a server which allows people to virtually visit it along with their friends / classmates. Once you enter the server you can visit it as you would the actual Roman Forum in Italy today. You can walk around and into all the buildings you see. Different from Italy's Roman Forum, the people in my world all speak
Latin! You can interact with them in very simple conversation or they might send you on a quest to help perform a sacrifice, publish a love poem, rid a shrine of some nasty creatures, help a family perform proper burial rites for a loved one and many other fun and culture packed activities.

All you need is to own a copy of Minecraft and then to install the necessary mods


Additionally, I am offering the server to you as a gift. It is but one of my contributions to the promotion of the study of Latin and the Classics in general. 

As is often the case, I was not completely satisfied with stopping there. I have created some bonus / teaching materials as well to accompany my server. For now, and more is likely to come knowing myself as I do, the following are included in the bonus materials:

  • a top-down map of the Forum showing the names of all the major buildings and monuments--this is super handy in case students get lost when first entering

  • a top-down map of the Forum showing the locations of all the quests and the names of the quest givers--I have distinguished between the Day Only, Night Only and Day & Night quests for your lesson planning convenience

  • a convenient checklist that you and your students can use to keep track of quest completion and monument visits

  • the entire Latin script (c. 19 pgs.) of every quest and notable dialogue in the server so that you can preteach vocab to your students thus rendering their time in the server more enjoyable and more productive

  • a private Discord voice channel for your and your students alone where you can all join together to talk with one another as you work through the server and screen-share to show off new achievements or troubleshoot 


How do you gain access to the bonus materials?

You may gain access to these materials by making a ONE-TIME payment of $10--the average price of a single Latin novella. Once you have made the purchase and have received the code to gain access to the materials, that access will remain yours for as long as the website is alive. This ONE-TIME purchase is also valid for your students. Once you have paid for your code, you may share it freely with your students. 


Where can you make this payment? 

  • Patreon - Magister Craft (membership level FORUM ROMANUM)

  • Venmo - @MagisterCraft

  • Paypal - @MagisterCraft


What if you already support Magister Craft on Patreon?

If you check your Patreon feed you will find I have already sent out your access codes for these materials. Thank you for your continued support!

I do not want money to be the thing which prevents you from gaining access to materials which could help you better teach your students. So if you find yourself in financial difficulties and cannot afford the $10, then send an email to so we can assist you accordingly.

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